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Aesthetic Dentistry

With the use of CEREC CAD/CAM technology, it is possible to provide patients with a new smile in only one appointment of approximately 90 minutes!

  • After local anaesthesia, the tooth is prepared for the porcelain restoration to be placed. Instead of a putty impression that would be sent to the lab, an optical impression is taken and the porcelain unit is designed at the chair side.
  • After this the restoration is milled by the wireless milling unit from a preformed porcelain block in approximately 20 minutes. Various shades and sizes of porcelain blocks are available.
  • Once milled to specification the restoration is polished and cemented into place.
  • A permanent crown fitted in one visit.
  • No temporary crown is required
  • No additional visits with extra injections.

Dr Letitia Versfeld is an extensively trained Cerec dentist using the latest CEREC® 4 version of this cutting edge technology. She has performed many of Cerec restorations, Cerec crown, Cerec inlay and Cerec veneers. This is a safe biocompatible restoration to use when replacing old extensive amalgam fillings as it enables us to keep as much of the existing tooth structure as possible but still place a strong stable and precision solution.

Then feel free to contact us now , either via email or by phone should you have more questions, or to book a consultation with Dr Letitia Versfeld to see how Cerec can help you restore healthy teeth and an attractive smile in one single visit.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

One of the first things people notice is your smile. If chipped, stained, or crooked teeth are “hiding” the real you, it’s time for a smile make over.

A beautiful smile can brighten your life every day, professionally and socially. And unlike plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry isn’t a major operation. Imagine coming in for a single appointment or two and emerging with the smile you’ve always wanted…no pain, no strain, no time taken away from your busy life. The results are immediate and dramatic. Come in for a consultation. There are many ways we can give you a youthful, attractive, natural looking smile!


Is jy ook een wat huiwer om in die openbaar te glimlag, of wat jou mond met jou hand bedek wanneer jy wél glimlag? Dalk was jy in ‘n ongeluk, het funksionele probleme met jou tande, of dalk wou jy nog net altyd ‘n mooier glimlag gehad het.

Dit is dan hoog tyd dat ‘n Estetiese Tandarts na jou klagtes luister, en jou help om ‘n mooier glimlag vir die wêreld te wys!

Ons het ‘n span-benadering tot Estetiese Tandheelkunde wat van die beste spesialiste in die Kaapstad-area insluit. In gevorderde gevalle, waar die gespesialiseerde kennis van hierdie professies benodig word, koördineer en beheer ons die span wat periodontiste, ortodontiste, kaak-en mondchirurge, onkoloë en mediese dokters kan insluit.

Gaan kyk gerus op ons foto album na ons “Voor” en “Na” foto’s!

Estetiese Dienste wat aangebied word sluit in:

  • Gebruik van binding van wit stopsels (komposiete)
  • Wetenskaplik gebaseerde analise van jou glimlag
  • Bleiking van tande.
  • Porselein venere en krone.
  • Selektiewe slyping van tande.
  • Inplantate vir die permanente vervanging van afwesige tande
  • Kunsgebitte volgens die jongste tegnieke vervaardig.
  • Behandeling van periodontitis.
  • Die voorkoming van slytasie van tande weens Bruksering.

The most frequently performed and quickest cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. This is a simple procedure that begins in the dentist’s chair and can be continued at home by the patient…

These days dentistry experiences an increasing demand for dental care that goes beyond the usual cleanings and fillings. TV programs such as Extreme Makeover have fueled the trend today towards cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is done simply to make your teeth and smile look better and function more efficiently.

The most frequently performed and quickest cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening. This is a simple procedure that begins in the dentist’s chair and can be continued at home by the patient.

What Causes Yellow, Stained Teeth?

The most common causes of yellow or dull looking teeth are: normal aging, consumption of coffee, tea, colas, tobacco, the use of antibiotics such as tetracycline, excessive fluoride and nerve degeneration. Even can also cause the teeth to lose their whiteness.

Safe … Effective … Inexpensive … Quick

Teeth whitening procedures have been around for many years. However, earlier versions often included overly strong chemicals that were difficult to handle. In addition the treatment was often quite costly to administer.

Modern techniques for teeth whitening use a mild, but powerful bleaching gel made from carbamide peroxide. During the in-office technique used by Cape Town SmileStudios the gel is placed directly onto the teeth that need whitening. A special plasma light is then used to activate the release of the oxygen into the tooth structure – the chemical process that starts the whitening. As some teeth may be darker than others, some teeth may need more whitening. The technologist that performs the whitening will evaluate this, and adjust the treatment accordingly. Results can usually be seen after the very first application.

Is Teeth Whitening Effective for Everyone?

The whitening process may not be effective for every patient. Patients with periodontal (gum) problems will not benefit from the procedure until the gum disease is under control. Patients seldom experience gum irritation or tooth sensitivity with the in-office technique. However, these symptoms disappear within one to three days after interruption or completion of the treatment.

White fillings and porcelain crowns do not react with the oxygen released by the gel, and will not whiten.

An estimated 95% of all patients can receive teeth whitening with good to spectacular results. Call our office to make an appointment to have your smile looking its brightest.

Incorrect brushing techniques will result in cavities on the neck margin of teeth.

After restoration with composite material.

Same patient, different tooth.

Tooth restored with a white filling.


Choosing a dentist for your picture perfect smile

If you are considering investing in veneers, teeth whitening or other aesthetic (cosmetic) dental treatment, it is important that you choose a qualified and experienced dentist. If there are any complications during such treatment, an experienced dentist will be more adept at handling the situation.

In addition, an aesthetic dentist who has performed many complex dental procedures will have had more time to perfect his or her technique and results. Aesthetic dentistry treatments like veneers and bonding require an artistic touch to produce the most attractive and natural-looking results.

Use the following guidelines to help you choose the right dentist:

  • Look for a dentist who has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry, and who has done extensive postgraduate training in this field.
  • Go to the dentist’s website for more information on his/her qualifications.
  • View before / after photo’s of previous patients.
  • While the most expensive is not always the best, the popular saying “You get what you pay for” more often than not holds true. Don’t choose your dentist simply based on price.

Find an aesthetic dentist who has the skill and experience to transform you smile beautifully and enhance your confidence.

Custom Made Life Like Dentures

Dentures can be manufactured in either full plastic or partial plastic (Ultraflex). As biological dentists we want to minimalize the use of acrylics and metals in the mouth, and have found the use of Ultraflex to be of particular benefit.

Your interest in dentistry could not have come at a better time. Recent advances in modern dentistry have solved some previously hopeless problems. For over 20 years, the dentists at Cape Town SmileStudios have studied techniques with the best denture materials available. As we take the time to understand your unique problems and concerns, we can ensure that your custom made dentures will look and feel the way you expect it to look and feel. If you have reacted to dental materials or suspect that you may be sensitive to acrylic, the use of Ultraflex will be your answer. We will go that extra mile to make sure that you have the most secure, comfortable fit possible. Once you have received your new denture, you will have something to smile about!

Old_DentureOld denture: The lips are thin, and the corners of the mouth are sagging.

New_DentureNew denture

Replacing missing canine with bridge

Missing_CanineJune’s impacted canines were removed at a young age. This left a gap on both sides of the mouth. She had been wearing a metal frame partial denture for more than 40 years. As she wanted to get rid of her amalgams and the metal framed denture, a bridge was suggested.

New crowns can give you a new, youthful smile…


The components of a smile

A smile consists of three basic components: Lips, gums, and teeth. It is, however, necessary that these three components are in harmony with each other to produce a beautiful smile. If the size of the teeth are abnormal, or if too much gum shows, then the smile will appear asymmetrical and therefore unaesthtetic.

There are various cosmetic gum procedures which are performed routinely by periodontists. These include the following:

  • Gummy Smile treatment: People who display an excessive amount of gum when smiling are classified as having a ‘gummy smile’. Such patients are often shy to smile or laugh and often ‘posture’ their top lips so as not to reveal the teeth and gums when smiling. This is often due to part of the tooth being covered by gum giving the tooth a square appearence. By removing the part of the gum covering the tooth, the natural dimensions of the teeth are exposed. The change in the smile can be dramatic and enhances the facial aesthetics of the patient. Sometimes, though, there may be an excessive vertical growth component of the upper jaw which requires surgical intervention by a Maxillo, Facial and Oral Surgeon.
  • Gum indentations or deficiencies: Such deficiencies may be as a result of a previous tooth extraction and may require build up before a bridge placement or implant thareapy.
  • Routine crown lengthening procedures (Click on News Flashes for more info): Asymmetrical appearing gums can be contoured to create a level gum line before new crowns are made. Short teeth may also be lengthened to create enough space for new crowns.
  • Gum overgrowth as a result of certain medications: Certain medications can produce gum overgrowth (hyperplasia) which can appear extremely unaesthetic. These include medications taken for epilepsy (Dilantin), blood pressure tablets of the calcuim channel blocker group, and Cyclosporin (used to inhibit the immune system after organ transplant procedures).
  • Gum recessions: Continous hard toothbrushing over many years may result in gum recession. These areas of recession can be treated with gum grafts in order to cover the exposed neck of the tooth which may have become unsightly for the patient.