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Dr. Letitia Versfeld

Professional philosophy

“In my profession I live the Hippocratic Oath, for I believe that my profession is my calling. I strive for excellence in whatever I do and therefore take every opportunity to learn more through disciplined participation, thereby bettering my ability to care for my patients. I believe in being at the top of technological and professional development, allowing me to give patients the best possible treatment.”

After being in private practice for more than 12 years, one becomes increasingly aware of the importance of health and balance in our body. Being a mom of three boys makes one aware of the dangers and health risks they are exposed to in their daily lives. As a parent you want the best for them, but should in turn also then want the best for your patients. I am passionate about dentistry and keeping up with the latest trends so that I can provide the best possible service to you as a patient. I follow strict biological protocols to ensure the healthiest evironment for my patients and their families.

After completing my degree at WITS I remained in Johannesburg as a member of a large private practice. I then started my own practice focusing on cosmetic dentistry, facial rejuvenation and the safe removal of amalgams. I believe in a family friendly service, treating kiddies to grannies in a friendly, caring and gentle manner.

As a family we decided to move to Cape Town, to get away from the unhealthy environment and to give our children a better way of life. I love scrapbooking, spending time with my family and experiencing the culinary world of Cape Town.